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If your commercial air conditioning and cooling is nearing the end of its useful life, an efficient replacement can give you back your comfort and peace of mind. Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving businesses in Central Virginia since the 1970s, making us one of the leading experts in the field. Your old system will be replaced by a top-performing new unit and expertly installed.

#1 Commercial air conditioner replacement for improved efficiency

If your commercial heating and cooling doesn’t perform well and you need a brand new system, we can perform a dependable commercial HVAC replacement in Ashland, Richmond, Short Pump, Henrico County, Hanover County, Midlothian, and other locations in Central Virginia. We’ll make sure that this new addition is installed accurately and that it fits the specific features of your commercial space.

Our commercial HVAC replacement in Asland, Richmond & beyond brings you many perks

Meticulous planning

Replacing a system can be an extensive task, which necessitates thorough planning. We carry out a meticulous assessment and think through the budget with you before the installation itself.

Tailored solutions

Our engineers will produce customized designs that cater to your individual requirements. They’ll follow building codes and EPA guidelines to build an energy-efficient, top-performing system.

Competitive rates

We make sure that the new system matches your budget as well as your needs. Our specialists will offer you several options to choose from, so you can opt for the one that’s financially feasible.

Advanced products

Our partners are some of the best known and highly recognizable brands, such as Lennox, Leibert, Mitsubishi, Carrier, Trane, and more. You can count on top-performing systems with cutting-edge features.

We serve a wide range of businesses in Central Virginia

We’ll conduct a meticulous check-up and carry out a precise commercial AC replacement in Lakeside, Fredericksburg, Tuckahoe, Glen Allen, Mechanicsville, and other cities in the area. Our technicians are available to businesses in various industries, from office air conditioner replacement in Hanover County to installing new systems in hospitals in Midlothian and factories in Richmond. You can reach the top without experiencing distracting issues with your heating and cooling.

Streamlined process that yields favorable results

Our team has versatile skills, enabling us to work on numerous different types of equipment, including split and packaged systems, air handlers, mini splits, VRFs, CRAC units, and many other cutting-edge solutions. We offer furnaces, infra-red heating systems, rooftop units, chillers, VAVs, and several other sophisticated systems that give you superior temperature regulation and multifaceted application options.


We’re available any time you wish to discuss your commercial HVAC replacement in Glen Allen, Tuckahoe, Midlothian, or some other city in Hanover County or Henrico County. We’ll take you through a meticulous, multi-step process, which includes an analysis of your current system, precise measurements and calculations, design, budget considerations, and finally professional installation. We’re there to help if you ever require an emergency replacement as well.

Top commercial HVAC replacement service

Our team members are accomplished specialists, who are trained to perform their job in line with current industry standards and guidelines. We never stop learning and improving our skill set. We tweak our approach as we adopt fresh ideas and adapt to the latest innovations.


We’re in tune with the systems produced by our partners, such as York, Daikin, Trane, and other first-rate manufacturers of top-quality goods. Your commercial air conditioner replacement in Midlothian, Short Pump, Fredericksburg, Lakeside, or the vicinity will be a blend of decade-long experience, modern technology, and excellent craftsmanship.

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Our commercial HVAC replacement meets the highest industry benchmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I replace a 20-year-old AC unit?

The typical life cycle of a unit is 15 to 20 years, so this may mean that yours is close to giving out. However, no one can be completely sure without an on-site expert assessment. We’ll start off with an in-depth evaluation of potential system deficiencies and take it from there. If our inspection shows fatal flaws, you’ll be better off with a full-on commercial AC replacement instead of paying for frequent repairs that give you no lasting solution.

Should you replace your commercial HVAC before it breaks?

If it’s nearing the 20-year mark, your system may be on its last legs without you even knowing. Although it may not be showing many signs of malfunctioning, its energy efficiency may already be subpar. And if it’s been showing symptoms of wear, like frequent problems, you have one more reason to replace it.


Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air can help you with an expedient and professional replacement. Our design-build crew will devise the best solution for your particular case, taking all the factors into account and using refined tools and top-quality components.

How much should it cost to replace a commercial HVAC system?

The pricing depends on different factors, including the size of the system, the complexity and scope of the work, and the price of the particular components you opt for. If you schedule your inspection in Richmond, Short Pump, Mechanicsville, Tuckahoe, or an adjacent city in the Richmond and Ashland regions, we’ll determine what type of commercial HVAC replacement you require and supply you with your price estimate. Our team will offer a selection of differently priced options so you can choose the one that fits your budget.

What’s the best time of year to replace your commercial HVAC?

Generally speaking, there’s no bad time for a commercial air conditioner replacement because this is completely up to you and determined by your specific needs. However, there is such a thing as “off-season” for HVAC specialists, which is the period of the year when the temperatures are mild and people don’t use their systems much. You’ll probably be able to schedule your service on shorter notice in spring and fall simply because your experts aren’t as busy.

How do I book efficient commercial heating & air conditioning replacement in Ashland & other cities in Central Virginia?

We know how troubling it can be when your system falters when the temperatures soar. We’re at your disposal for expedient office HVAC replacement and a variety of other helpful services across Central Virginia, including Midlothian, Lakeside, Glen Allen, Tuckahoe, and Fredericksburg. For example, we do reliable repairs that give your unit a new lease on life, carefully install new, tailored commercial HVAC systems, and design and implement practical maintenance schedules anywhere in Central Virginia.


Get in touch with us today, let us know how we can help, and wait for our competent crew to show up. Keep your workplace comfortable and carefully controlled to ensure the best business results.