Industries We Serve

Serving multiple industries with expertise and dedication

Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air Conditioning brings high-quality commercial HVAC services to business owners who operate in a wide variety of industries. We have adopted a ground-up business approach that combines design, engineering, construction, installation, and testing of your commercial heating and air conditioning equipment for maximum results.

We perform detailed system design and construction according to your exact needs, implement advanced system controls and add sensors for better efficiency, add cutting-edge indoor air quality solutions, and finally perform a comprehensive commissioning of your commercial system to make sure everything is operating correctly. Explore the industries we serve:

Assisted Living

We will ensure adequate operations of the HVAC system at your assisted living facility with regular maintenance and protection plans so that our seniors are always comfortable.


We’re here to help you keep your guests comfortable and satisfied by installing and servicing a cutting-edge commercial heating and air conditioning system.


We will help you retain your current customer base and attract new buyers in your retail center by offering you reliable, efficient, and long-lasting commercial HVAC systems.


A comfortable office space is paramount for enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction and for ensuring excellent working conditions throughout the year.


The distribution industry demands heating and cooling systems that operate dependably and at optimal capacity to ensure adequate daily operations and customer satisfaction.

Tenant Improvement

Our advanced commercial heating and air conditioning solutions will improve your tenant satisfaction & retention, boosting the comfort of your commercial rentals.


We offer modern heating and air conditioning solutions suitable for educational institutions across all levels of education, from K-12 institutions to colleges and universities.


Our industry-leading commercial HVAC solutions will ensure the system in your medical institutions runs reliably and without breakdowns for patient and staff safety and comfort.


Manufacturing plants require reliable HVAC systems that will keep all the workforce comfortable while they’re performing their daily responsibilities to boost your bottom line.

Financial Institutions

We’re here to help you create a more professional and welcoming atmosphere at your financial institution and to boost your employee comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.


Our commercial HVAC solutions will keep your kitchen cool and comfortable for your staff and your dining area nice and pleasant for the ultimate happiness of your customers.


Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating, & Air Conditioning is here to boost the atmosphere at your automobile showroom and inspire customers to purchase your vehicles.


Gyms require excellent heating and air conditioning systems that will enhance the comfort at the premises and allow all members to work out in a satisfactory atmosphere.


We’ll help keep all your produce and perishables nice and cool and your customers satisfied with our advanced commercial HVAC systems perfect for grocery and retail shops.

We offer two types of cutting-edge commercial HVAC systems


We offer efficient and reliable dedicated outdoor air systems designed and constructed to serve your specific needs. If you’re looking for better ventilation, a variety of compatible local units, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced indoor environmental quality, DOA units are the perfect fit for your business.


Variable refrigerant flow systems provide large-scale ductless systems capable of operating at high capacity. These systems boast exceptional energy efficiency, improved comfort control across the different zones in your building, lower engineering and construction costs, and lower noise levels for better working conditions.

We cater to a wide range of specialized industries

Explore the variety of commercial industries we can outfit with specialized heating and air conditioning solutions per your requirements. Contact us today!