Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air Conditioning proudly gives back to the community through active participation in the following organizations:

Before the time of the American Heart Association, there was little help for people suffering from heart diseases. However, a handful of pioneering social workers and physicians conducted studies to increase their knowledge on heart disease, the no. 1 killer in America at the time. They formed this organization on June 10, 1924 in Chicago, and have helped many people since.

CARITAS is an organization united by compassion and designed to help the most vulnerable individuals break free from the cycle of addiction and homelessness and get their dignity back. This organization provides permanent care and efficient solutions to families and individuals struggling with addiction and homelessness across the Metro Richmond area.

LDHS is located in the center of Mechanicsville, Virginia. It was created after a merger of two existing schools – Washington-Henry High School and Battlefield Park High School. Although it didn’t open until 1959, there were VHSL competitions and LDHS clubs in 1958.

This elementary school is situated in Mechanicsville, Virginia, and it fosters a peaceful and involved community, making it great for developing learning opportunities for local students. PCE has the mission to create a school community centered around students and focused on offering excellent learning experiences that will prepare students for a productive, ethical, and confident life.

ACB, or American College of Bankruptcy Foundation was founded with the idea of promoting justice with charitable and educational activities. This organization is focused on areas of insolvency and bankruptcy and has several goals:

  • Encouragement and sponsorship of various legal research
  • Organization of forums and publications
  • Establishment of different scholarship programs
  • Collection of maintenance and collection of documents and data for research
  • Maintenance and institutionalization of legal aid facilities for indigent individuals

Students develop technical and leadership skills through participation in competitive events and other activities held by several co-curricular student organizations, such as:

  • SkillsUSA
  • HOSA, or the Health Occupations Students of America
  • FBLA, or the Future Business Leaders of America

ACEC students receive the chance to participate in the Tech Ethics Society, a service organization run by students, and become members of the National Technical Honor Society based on their fulfillment of their acceptance criteria.

The Richmond Chapter of the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers was founded on June 10, 1940 in order to satisfy the growing demand for the knowledge on refrigeration and air conditioning. When this organization started, it originally had twenty charter members and it covered the entire territory of Virginia.

This organization was created in 1975 at the MCV Hospital located in Richmond by a group of dedicated parents whose children were diagnosed with pediatric cancer. Their goal was to deal with the horrible diagnosis and offer mutual support.
They started helping kids pass the time by collecting games, toys, and books. They also organized gatherings for parents, which transformed into ASK. To this day, they’re trying to make the lives of children with cancer better.

Since its inception in 1968, this organization continues its mission of implanting the following values into the kids of the community:

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Honesty
  • Loyaylty
  • Courage
  • Respect for authority

They hope and expect their softball and baseball players to become happy and strong children who will develop into trustworthy, decent, healthy, and good citizens.

The Y foundation continues building strong children, familis, and communities since its inception in 1854 in Richmond. It has 17 locations and provides the necessary resources through fun and healthy programs in local community centers.

Ever since the year 1912, Ashland’s Troop 700 has helped young people develop their character and acquire the skills they need to succeed in their careers and grow as human beings.
They helped many individuals take the first step in leadership through teaching teamwork and responsibility. The best thing – all this transpires in an outdoor-focused program that emphasizes scout spirit and adventure.

This is a product incubator & community marketplace that provides low-cost access to knowledge, resources, and tools to aspiring and existing tinkerers, makers, creators, and entrepreneurs. This allows them to follow their passion through participation in an ecosystem of tools where ideas transform into reality.
Build, RVA remains operated and owned by The Build Forward Foundation. This is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization that focuses on Stem experimentation and training, as well as providing support through use of resources, tools, and physical space where individuals can create, innovate, and experiment.

Children’s Hospital of Richmond is making potential a reality through a combination of clinical researchers discovering new prospective cancer treatments and development of new procedures. This is a place where new and exciting medicine happens on a daily basis.

This is an association that advocates for understanding and awareness through education about DS, as well as different practices that help their members successfully navigate their school year – from behavior to IEPs to anything in between.

Feed More distributes, prepares, and collects food to those neighbors who are in need. Their service area stretches over 34 cities and counties, and their agency network and comprehensive programs provide nourishment to all our neighbors who are facing a life of hunger.

This school gives every student a chance to be a member of an academically-challenging environment that fosters creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking. All students actively participate in the learning process supported by experiences that empower and inspire them to become valuable members of the global community. GAHS embraces all diversity within their school and creates an environment of respect, support, and pride for all of its members.

Habitat for Humanity has the mission of bringing hope through affordable and safe housing. They facilitate homeownership and allow families to break free of their poverty cycle and continue building a brighter future for them and their future generations.
This organization brings different people together not just to build homes, but also hope and communities. This nonprofit helps families improve and build a place they will be proud to call a home. They believe that affordable housing has a critical role in building stable and strong communities.

This school is located in Mechanicsville and was founded in 2003. It serves highschoolers from grades nine through twelve, and it lives up to its mission of educating for excellence. HHS strives to exceed expectations by having their community, parents, staff, and faculty work together to form an environment that allows the students to attain all educational goals and continue excelling in college and beyond!

This team was founded in 2016 by its current Team Director – Pete Fagan. He designed his team as an excellent resource that will allow all kids to become excited about and active in the sport of mountain biking.
This organization offers a motivating presence to all the members of the team. Studies show that teenage girls particularly drop out of sports at double the rate of the boys. This team is striving towards stopping this gap and creating a love for biking, outdoor activities, and fitness in all children.

M4K RIchmond, Inc. is an organization run by volunteers established in 2003. Its mission is to raise money for charities involving local children through having fun while growing a mustache. It was inspired by the National Mustaches for Kids chapters in NYC and California before taking a leap of faith and growing the first mustache.

The NMSS is a nonprofit organization located in NYC. They have a vision of freeing the world of MS. This organization mobilizes resources and people to bring normal lives to all those affected by multiple sclerosis. They want to restore what these people have lost and stop MS once and for all.

Atlee High School fosters a high-quality environment for education by developing strong and positive leadership and academic skills which allow students to meet the growing challenges of the global community.

This center aims to create effective and strong partnerships between the community, staff, parents, and students and allow those students to become ready for the workplace. Also, they want to develop students into lifelong learners who are ready to succeed in an ever-changing and competitive world.

This academy has created a cutting-edge instructional program designed to enhance the ability of baseball players to compete across all the levels of the game. All instruction is by very qualified coaching experts who teach, research, and study the specific fundamentals of the game they’ve mastered.
They take young players’ performance and analyze it while reconstructing the action and mathematically and scientifically proving whether it’s the best approach. They have combined advanced technologies and progressive biomechanical philosophies in their approach.

This club has been a private and seasonal escape for families and individuals across Richmond and the area since 1957. It is located in the center of Henrico, and its spacious facility features volleyball courts, tennis courts, picnic pavilions, a gated kiddie pool, water slides, diving boards, as well as three large pools.