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About Us

Headquartered in Ashland, VA, Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air has been serving Central Virginia and all the surrounding areas for more than 50 years, establishing a reputation as the leaders in the industry. We specialize in building, servicing, and providing high-efficiency commercial heating and air conditioning for different types of properties, from hospitals and schools to museums, data centers, manufacturing plants, and office buildings.


We provide commercial HVAC installation, maintenance, and upgrade services to both small companies and large Fortune 500 businesses in Ashland, Richmond, and across the region. As industry veterans, we offer expert advice, cost-effective solutions, and advanced technology, ensuring your commercial system operates at optimal efficiency.


Additionally, we’ve established a strong reputation and built an extensive client base under Howell’s Heating & Air Conditioning, specializing in residential HVAC repair, installation, and a variety of other services. Owing to such extensive knowledge and experience, our team is able to address any issue from multiple perspectives and offer the optimal solution to our clients.

Our commercial HVAC services

We have expertise and experience in installing, maintaining, repairing, and servicing commercial HVAC equipment from many major manufacturers. We offer different maintenance programs that include regular preventive maintenance, as well as full-coverage packages adjustable to the unique needs of your commercial facilities in Richmond, Ashland, and across Central Virginia.


Our team will also help you keep the desired levels of comfort in your commercial property, enhance the performance and efficiency of your system, stabilize your costs, and improve your system’s lifespan. We also handle commercial VRF system design, full-service engineering and construction, as well as timely replacements and upgrades.

Commercial HVAC:


We offer full-service construction of mechanical and electrical systems for commercial heating and cooling, starting with evaluation and delivering cost-saving solutions.

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With us, you also get a diverse selection of modern controls for your commercial HVAC system to boost comfort and convenience in your office or some other type of facility.

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From exact measuring to air balancing to, we perform complete HVAC commissioning to ensure your system operates at peak capacity and efficiency.

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HVAC Installation

We provide quick and reliable commercial heating and cooling installation services designed to optimize performance and minimize costs in commercial properties.

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Our Other Commercial Services:

Our process for commercial heating and cooling

Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air offers full-service design-build and plan-spec installation services for new HVAC systems. We will assess your needs, analyze your system performance, propose cost-effective solutions, and perform any necessary upgrades. From the comprehensive initial evaluation to the streamlined design-build process and complete construction, we bring our clients in Ashland, Richmond, and other nearby areas quality products that are easily serviceable and highly durable.

Consultation Design - Build Construction

Our Partners

Upfit your commercial property with advanced HVAC technology

Boost your overall system efficiency with our commercial heating and cooling services.

Your trusted commercial HVAC contractors

As one of the leading commercial heating and air conditioning companies, we employ knowledgeable and skilled technicians who are on call 24 hours a day, every day a week throughout the entire year. Our team undergoes ongoing education on the modern advancements in the commercial HVAC industry. We have also partnered with reputable manufacturers, including Lennox, Leibert, Mitsubishi, Daikin, York, Carrier, and Trane.


We also offer fast-response commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services in Ashland, Richmond, Short Pump, Midlothian, and the greater Central Virginia area. Our highly dedicated technicians have years of industry experience and are well known for their precision and workmanship.

Why choose us for HVAC commercial service in Ashland, Richmond & the region

At Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air, we strive to provide commercial property owners with highly reliable and precise heating and air conditioning services, including VRF system design, installation, and repair. If you choose us for your office HVAC installation and repair needs, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Talented team of LEED-certified sales engineers, contract administrators, field supervisors, and first aid and OSHA-certified field crews.
  • Fully computerized services with CAD design system layouts, energy modeling, and on-site custom fabrication.
  • Top-quality workmanship, tools, and materials used for any aspect of commercial HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance.
  • VRF system design, installation, and repair available to offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, retail stores, and other types of commercial facilities.
  • Customizable maintenance plans that include extensive asset and energy evaluation, goal-oriented solutions, and expert recommendations for minimized costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial HVAC services?

Our commercial heating and cooling services are designed to ensure optimal comfort and safety in your office space in Ashland, Richmond, and across Central Virginia. You can depend on us for:

  • Full-service HVAC maintenance to ensure peak performance and warranty compliance, as well as reduce your building operating costs.
  • Full and partial HVAC system replacement of all kinds of commercial heating, cooling, and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) systems for your office
    • High Efficiency Filtration
    • Bi-Polar Ionization
    • Fresh Air 
  • Project management and system design of high-efficiency HVAC systems for retail stores, restaurants, schools, grocery stores, hotels, and other commercial properties.
  • Business Automation Systems (BAS)
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
    • Daikin Factory Certified
    • Samsung Factory Certified
    • LG Factory Certified
  • Aaon Factory Certified

How often should commercial HVAC be serviced?

A general rule of thumb is to hire commercial HVAC service at least once a year. However, office building owners can usually get the most out of their systems if they have them serviced twice a year, before the cooling and heating seasons.


We recommend having your equipment inspected in fall and spring, with periodic inspections in between. However, we are fully aware that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to HVAC maintenance, which is why we’ll customize your program and its frequency to your unique needs.

What is the life expectancy of a commercial HVAC unit?

The lifespan of your commercial HVAC will depend on its exact type and model, as well as the quality of installation and maintenance services. In general, these systems tend to last between 10 and 15 years, but you can expand their life expectancy by as much as 30% if you invest in a routine maintenance plan.


At Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air, we offer expertise-based yearly commercial heating and cooling maintenance service in Ashland, Richmond, and the surrounding areas. We are fully equipped to enhance comfort in your office space, as well as other types of facilities.

How much does it cost to repair an office HVAC system?

There are several factors that may influence the overall costs of your commercial HVAC repair service. These include:

  • The type of problem with your system
  • The complexity of repair
  • The materials needed
  • The commercial HVAC company

At our company, we offer customizable service and competitively priced solutions. Our team will inspect your commercial HVAC, determine the cause of the problem, and offer a tailored quote. Our services are designed to boost overall performance and bring long-term cost-effectiveness.

How do you design a commercial HVAC system?

Proper design of your commercial HVAC  is a crucial component of ensuring peak performance, along with expert installation. Your heating and cooling needs to meet the needs of your office space and your employees, both in terms of comfort and safety.

When designing systems, professionals will take the following into consideration:

  • The application of the system
  • The type of the building
  • The square footage of the office space
  • The type of HVAC equipment

At Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer full-service construction of systems for commercial heating and air conditioning in Richmond, Ashland, and across the region. Our engineering staff will perform in-depth evaluations, customize high-value solutions, and provide expert assistance every step of the design-build process.

What is the benefit of a VRF system for businesses?

Variable Refrigerant Flow or VRF systems bring a whole range of benefits for commercial property owners. In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll get from a VRF system installation in Ashland or Richmond:

  • Increased and consistent comfort
  • Near-silent operation
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Flexible installation
  • Cutting edge system controls
  • Zoned heating and cooling
  • Minimized risk of breakdowns
  • Great savings

At our company, we are trained and certified by Daikin, Samsung, and LG to perform expert VRF system installation, repair, and maintenance in Richmond, Ashland, and across Central Virginia. Give us a call and reap the benefits of VRF systems.

How do professionals perform commercial HVAC replacement?

Different companies follow different steps when replacing commercial heating and cooling systems for their customers.  This is a complex job that requires careful and detailed planning and execution. Professionals typically perform commercial HVAC replacement in two stages:

  • Planning stage:
    • Discussing your budget
    • Inspecting the condition of your existing system
    • Performing detailed analysis of the potential deficiencies in your system
    • Creating a detailed model of your new HVAC system
    • Performing a comprehensive load analysis
    • Ensuring a cost and energy-efficient design
    • Navigating all building codes and EPA regulations
    • Proposing several different options within these parameters that fit your budget
  • Execution stage:
    • Comprehensive design-build and engineering services
    • Expertise-based management of the entire project
    • Immediate replacement of your system in case of an emergency
    • Flexible and efficient options for scheduling
    • Sufficient workforce capacity to tackle a project of any size and complexity

We have years of experience performing full-service commercial HVAC replacement across Central Virginia, including Ahland, Richmond, and the surrounding cities. Reach out to us today!

What’s the best of commercial HVAC companies in Ashland, Richmond & across Central Virginia?

Howell’s Commercial HVAC, Heating & Air offers high-quality commercial HVAC repair and installation service to business owners across Ashland, Richmond, and the rest of Central Virginia. Our expert technicians are available 24/7 to meet your needs for commercial heating and cooling services to boost comfort levels and energy efficiency in your office space, manufacturing facility, healthcare institution, and other types of commercial properties.


Whether you need design-build or plan and spec HVAC installation services or want us to perform expert VRF system repair and maintenance, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with tailored, cost-effective solutions each time. We also pride ourselves on our dedication to customer satisfaction and establishing lasting relationships with each client. Contact us now and make the best decision for the comfort of your commercial property!